Demo: Where to get Pivot

Posted by: Emily McManus

7 talks that will encourage you to talk to strangers
Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

In today’s talk, Intel engineer Maria Bezaitis brings up a fascinating point: why is the phrase “don’t talk to strangers” such a part of our cultural zeitgeist? “When we’re at our best, we reach out to people who are not like us because when we do that, we learn,” says Bezaitis, in this talk given […]

Global Issues

TEDWeekends talks innovation for the Global South

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

Malaria kills about 2,000 people every day. The mosquito-borne disease has ravaged the equatorial areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia, where a combination of poverty and climate make a dangerous breeding ground for disease. There is currently no vaccine. But Nathan Myhrvold has a solution. In his talk and demonstration from TED2010,  […]

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  • Roque Mocan commented on Apr 11 2010

    It is NOT only Macs. It doesn’t run in my Netbook that lacks a graphics card. But the control (building block) for Silverlight (programming platform) will be available for the summer of 2010. I suspect THIS version will be Mac Compatible (Silverlight runs on the Macs). I am eagerly awaiting it, to program web sites with it.

    Meanwhile, if You have downloaded Pivot on a capable machine, You can see the “collection” (set of data) I made just to get to know the process – it isn’t that hard – here:
    Fire the Pivot application and in the address bar type:
    The process to create these collections is just filling an Excel spreadsheet with a Macro (unless you want to delve into XML programming). It wasn’t that hard! Just do it!

  • b r commented on Mar 17 2010

    Windows Only? Gary should have licensed or patented the software on his own! He could have had mac users, open source and windows!

  • Albert Surjik commented on Mar 3 2010

    Ah… Windows only. Bummer. Makes sense I guess… I wonder when someone will come up with an open source version?