Play: Roundup of TED2010, Session 10

Posted by: Jenny Zurawell


David Byrne, Thomas Dolby and Ethel rock out playing (Nothing But) Flowers.


Dave Weaver: “How do you answer, ‘What’s a TED?’”


Sarah Silverman: A new perspective on the number 3000.


David Rockwell on the Imagination Playground: “No project has ever made me happier.”


Yoni Benatar pilots mini drones from his iphone with augmented reality.


Eve Ensler: “Girls: our greatest natural resource.”


Julia Sweeney ruminates on how to have “the talk” with her 8 year old.


Natalie Merchant serenades the audience with musical poetry.

(Photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson)

Comments (20)

  • Taylor Crow commented on Jan 26 2012

    Chris Anderson is trying to be something hes not and its creating separation from sarah silverman which he may think he wants until it creates separation from you guys, the people watching this shit, now you’re not sure if you trust them, me too. If you just be yourself and know what your true feelings are, they can never be hurt. This is true for everyone but the trick is knowing your true feelings haha.

  • Tafi J commented on Dec 13 2011

    so wheres this Silverman thing I dont find her funny but Jeff Jarvis mentioned it on his 15 minutes or whatever they get. cant we make our own mind up garn

  • Kenneth Adair commented on Oct 23 2011

    Daniel Dennett’s been playing around with a theory that says humor is an evolved reward system for mental “debugging.” The easily-offended, with less subtle minds, might need to have Sarah Silverman’s humor explained to them [Chris Anderson] so that TED doesn’t become just another staid outlet for the opinions of ruling elite.

  • David Payne commented on Feb 1 2011

    I absolutely agree. She was one of the highlights of last year’s TED. Please put her back

  • commented on Jan 1 2011

    Looking for the Sarah Silverman video – this is getting ridiculous that it’s still not here!

  • McFadden Hall commented on May 19 2010

    Seriously, if the Sarah Silverman talk is not shown then it will look like TED puts money and Chris Anderson’s ego ahead of the freedom of expression of ideas.

  • razi pilli commented on May 13 2010

    Chris Anderson – Show Sarah Silverman now

  • William Strimbrosky commented on May 8 2010

    Wheres the video of Sarah Silverman?

    • Sassy Lou commented on May 12 2010

      I want to see it also..I heard about it from Bill Maher’s show on HBO..and if the issue is adopting “Terminally ill retarded children”…..HOW COOL IS THAT!?!?! …That’s being a saint..like adopting old, sick or dying animals. WE SHOULD ALL DO THAT. I guess TED does not “GET” it or her humor..kind of like when Colbert spoke at the media dinner in George Bush’s presence also..Those Republican “morons” didn’t get “it’ either.

  • Chris Gillfillan commented on May 8 2010

    I also want to se the Sarah Silverman video…..It is really shameful to not include her talk. It seems to me that I have a different attitude toward TED because of this censorship!!

    • John Arbuthnott commented on May 11 2010

      I agree, I wonder if the folks at TED can let cooler heads prevail and then let people/viewers decide for themselves if it’s too offensive. If Sarah’s talk is offensive I’d hold it against her not TED, but I’d bet that most TEDsters can handle it and understand her dark humor. It’s interesting to me that her so-far-censored talk is already provoking much thought.

      • razi pilli commented on May 11 2010

        i always saw TED as a place of pure ideas and i loved it for it.
        i just don’t know anymore….
        i would be happy if the gave an apology. it would make it easier to believe
        TED is more then just a business.

  • Laura Jones commented on Apr 28 2010

    Where is the Sarah Silverman video? I know the powers that be found her talk offensive, and it probably was, but I would argue that a) TED fans are grown ups and can judge for themselves whether to watch and take offense and b) humor, even offensive humor, is an important part of social change. Not to mention c) I’m pretty sure TED doesn’t deal in censorship, right?
    Looking forward to viewing it.

  • Theodore A. Hoppe commented on Apr 22 2010

    “Nothing But Flowers”
    You got it?
    You got it!

  • Jesuspenis Oliver commented on Apr 21 2010

    Where is the Sarah Silverman video?

  • Jesuspenis Oliver commented on Apr 21 2010

    Where is the Sarah Silverman video?

  • Ay?e Seda Demirel commented on Feb 14 2010

    Eve Ensler…. What a lady… and the Girls….
    Adjectives are stuck in my throat, cannot describe the feeling.
    Just this; It has never felt this good to be a girl…
    Thank you….

  • Ay?e Seda Demirel commented on Feb 14 2010

    Sarah Silverman was great on stage and I hope people got what she was doing; a huge push a very huge push to make you think about your deep down insides. black humor is never easy and its a huge risk to take. she makes you irritated, but, this is TED…
    The only aim is to go beyond the ordinary…
    And you will never take one step forward if you do not know “whom you are”
    Thank you Sarah…

  • Angelia2041 King commented on Feb 14 2010

    I am so expecting Sarah Silverman: A new perspective on the number 3000. thanks for TED surprise. Great

  • Isle Dance commented on Feb 13 2010

    SO wonderful, “this thing” called TED!