Wisdom: Roundup of TED2010, Session 12

Posted by: Matthew Trost


James Cameron: Curiosity — it’s the most powerful thing you own.


John Kasaona: We realized that stopping poaching is completely different from catching poachers.


Glenna Fraumeni, talking from TEDActive in Palm Springs. Read this.


Adora Svitak: We kids still dream about perfection. Our audacity to imagine helps push the boundaries of reality.


Sir Ken Robinson: Our children spread their dreams beneath our feet. And we should tread softly.


Aaaaaand Ze Frank with the wrapup.

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  • Eric Federspiel commented on Feb 22 2010

    Really hoping that Adora Svitak’s talk will be posted soon!

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  • Jennifer Indovina commented on Feb 15 2010

    This was by far the best way to round up TED – funny, captivating, optimistic!

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