The next age of government: David Cameron on TED.com

Posted by: Emily McManus

The leader of Britain’s Conservative Party says we’re entering a new era — where governments themselves have less power (and less money) and people empowered by technology have more. Tapping into new ideas on behavioral economics, David Cameron explores how these trends could be turned into smarter policy. (Recorded at TED2010, February 2010 in London; viewed via satellite in Long Beach, CA. Duration: 14:00)

Watch David Cameron’s talk from TED2010 on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 600+ TEDTalks.

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  • pierre vanderpol commented on Feb 22 2010

    Hum..let me be skeptical. Have you seen the tons of video surveillance in all democraties ? The abuse of anti-terrorist, file-sharing laws and so on to create database of personal informations about green parties / opposition leaders / demonstrators in Australia and Finland among others ? There has been official statements about illegal collection and use of personal data from goverments services to monitor the opposition in those countries. Report about those abuse where made in the french newspaper LeMonde some months ago. Data collection and citizen monitoring has never been so easy and cheap… French citizen are already tracked in more than 50 databases ! Who access the data ? Where is it stored ? What judges or people are in charge of monitoring the abuse of governments datamining ? The answer is simple : none. We are creating the biggest surveillance machines ever. Hadoppi in France, Ipred in Sweden, more cameras, RFID microchip, internet surveillance. This is just the beginn

  • Paul Anderson commented on Feb 19 2010

    I’m having trouble viewing this in three different browsers. Anyone else?

  • Deepa priya commented on Feb 19 2010

    Thank you for providing such an informative and motive website to improve our communication skills it encourages us to do something new in this beautiful world and it was very interesting one that i had ever never done.

  • Vineet Dwivedi commented on Feb 17 2010

    Power is defined as possession of controlling influence by Lexiology.com. With technology (and therefore communication)
    more transparency will come which will shift the power to masses.