The year open data went worldwide: Tim Berners-Lee on TED.com

Posted by: Matthew Trost

At TED2009, Tim Berners-Lee called for “raw data now” — for governments, scientists and institutions to make their data openly available on the web. At TED U in 2010, he shows a few of the interesting results when the data gets linked up. (Recorded at TED University 2010, February 2010 in Long Beach, CA. Duration: 20:07)

Watch Tim Berners-Lee’s talk on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment on it and find other talks and performances from our archive of 600+ TEDTalks.

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  • Mischa Nachtigal commented on Mar 11 2010

    Brilliant talk. side note: Matt- you posted the wrong duration here, don’t think this needs the extra 15 minutes to make the awesome point it does in 5.

  • Benjamin Zalasky commented on Mar 8 2010

    It’s amazing that Tim Berners-Lee was able to pack all of that into 5 minutes (and 34 seconds)… I’m particularly interested in the bicycle crash data Tim mentioned. Starting March 26th, I’ll be serving on the Citizens Advisory Committee for the St. Louis Regional Bicycle Master Plan. Finding new ways to conceptualize/visualize, share and discuss relevant data can only speed up the process of positive change. Raw data now!