Happy birthday, TEDx!

Posted by: Emily McManus


Today marks the one-year anniversary of TEDx, our program to support independent TED-style events in local communities around the world. The very first TEDx event happened this time last year on the campus of the University of Southern California — and right now in Southern California, the second annual TEDxUSC is happening, a day-long event for 1,000 attendees, produced by USC’s Stevens Institute for Innovation. On this day in April a year ago, who could have predicted the way the numbers would stack up one year on:

Total number of TEDx events to date: 500

Total number of TEDx events planned for 2010: 500 +

Total languages at TEDx events: 35 +

Total number of countries TEDx events are held in: 70 +

Estimated number of people who have attended a TEDx event to date: 50,000 +

Estimated number of people projected to attend a TEDx event through end of 2010: 100,000

Number of colleges that have hosted TEDx events to date: 100 +

Number of colleges that are currently signed up to host an upcoming TEDx event: 80 +

Find a TEDx happening near you, or learn how to produce your own TEDx event, right here >>

Watch TEDx talks from our amazing YouTube archive right here >>

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  • Prakash Maharaj commented on Apr 15 2010

    Ted team is doing an excellent job and inspires me to do great work. I am very thankful to them

  • Don Levy commented on Apr 14 2010

    Congrats to the entire TED team (and the TEDxUSC team!) for encouraging TEDx. The impact of fostering these local communities cannot be underestimated. Powerful, inspiring and invigorating.

  • Hunter Dickson commented on Apr 13 2010

    Congratulations to all TEDers! Bringing Wonder back into Wonderful…