Hooked by an octopus: Mike deGruy on

Posted by: Matthew Trost

Underwater filmmaker Mike deGruy has spent decades looking intimately at the ocean. A consummate storyteller, he takes the stage at Mission Blue to share his awe and excitement — and his fears — about the blue heart of our planet. (Recorded on the Mission Blue Voyage, April 2010 on the National Geographic Endeavor, the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Duration: 16:10)

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  • Aleksandar Petrovic commented on Nov 24 2011

    Amazing talk. I am absolutely fascinated by the marine life that Mr. deGruy describes, and find it worthy of respect that he has not lost his fascination and love for the sea after the shark attack he suffered. The world needs more people like this. :-)

  • Cecilia Alvear commented on Apr 15 2010

    When will these talks be available with Spanish subtitles. I am reposting this information to a group of people from Galapagos and since not all of them speak Spanish it would be very helpful to provide them with an opportunity to share this information. In order to help save the ocean around Galapagos the people who live there must be turned into stakeholders in this endeavor.

    • Chris Anderson commented on Apr 15 2010

      We have an open translation program which depends on the efforts (and timing) of individual volunteer translators. However, the group translating into Spanish have been superb, so I’m guessing this will happen pretty quickly. Thanks for your interest and help. The Mission Blue trip to Galapagos was an unforgettable experience.