Exclusive: Ozomatli's block-party video for "Malagasy Shock"

Posted by: Emily McManus

This February in Long Beach, the band Ozomatli played a legendary set at TED2010′s Wednesday-night block party. As a keepsake from that fabulous night, check out the video above for “Malagasy Shock,” from Ozomatli’s new album, Fire Away. Fire Away drops today as the band celebrates its 15-year anniversary — April 23, in fact, is Ozomatli Day in the city of Los Angeles. The new record is available on iTunes with three bonus tracks, as well as in several deluxe packages on

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  • ryan tan commented on May 1 2010

    thanks for sharing this video.. love the composition of the vid.. also love the bokeh effect in the intro.. :D

  • Jerson Insuren commented on Apr 21 2010

    thanks for posting this…great vid…