The sobering realities of post-volcano travel: Peter Greenberg at TEDxVolcano

Posted by: Emily McManus

TED BLOG EXCLUSIVE: Speaking at Sunday’s impromptu TEDxVolcano, Peter Greenberg, travel editor for CBS News, lays out the sobering realities of post-volcano travel. Listen for tips on how to get the truth out of an airlines reservation agent — and insight into when and why the planes will start flying again, ready or not. (Recorded at TEDxVolcano, April 2010, London, UK. Duration: 8:24)

Comments (3)

  • Jack Kramer commented on Dec 11 2013

    Well written

  • Jerson Insuren commented on Apr 21 2010

    yeah… how can let that all happen?

  • jack abbott commented on Apr 20 2010

    It’s scary to me that planes are being allowed to fly pending a disaster. How do we let that happen? We have to take our damn shoes off to make sure we’re not smuggling explosives, but we’re willing to let hundreds of planes fly when we know for certain that it’s dangerous. It’s all about the money. It’s hard not to be cynical. TED, please deliver us from cynicism!