Announcing TED's Open TV Project

Posted by: Emily McManus


Tonight, we’re thrilled to announce TED’s newest initative in sharing great ideas with the world: the Open TV Project. Announced this evening at Web 2.0 in San Francisco, the TED Open TV Project will bring TEDTalks to broadcast TV networks around the globe.

The TED Open TV Project has already signed up dozens of broadcasters around the world, whose collective audience numbers in the hundreds of millions. Built in response to strong demand from TV station managers around the world, TED’s Open TV Project allows broadcasters to air TEDTalks for free, and encourages them to create custom programs for their communities.

“Since we first launched TEDTalks, our goal has been to distribute on all available video platforms; anywhere people watch video, we want them to watch TEDTalks. And the fact is, people everywhere still watch an awful lot of TV,” says June Cohen, Executive Producer of Media for TED. “In particular, TV is a very effective way to reach the developing world, where low internet penetration and slow connections make online video impractical. But most important, the TED Open TV Project continues TED’s guiding philosophy of radical openness.”

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Comments (14)

  • Antika Emyaem commented on Sep 30 2011

    It is such a great project. I was thinking about doing this in my country. If anything that I can do, please let me know.

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  • Anour Dafa-Alla commented on May 30 2010

    That’s great…I now imagine people in remote places watching TED talks with different languages:)
    WeeeeeeeeeeeeeW Translators:D

  • Jason Hsu commented on May 8 2010

    This is truly amazing. Would love to be part of it!

  • schimdth velharth commented on May 7 2010

    This will surely great!

  • Ben Brooks commented on May 5 2010

    Sweet! Unfortunately there is no cable provider in my area that will be offering it. Hopefully soon though! I love to watch the TED talks. Always inspirational and interesting.

  • Jackson Lo commented on May 4 2010

    This is fantastic! Not only will it reach out to Internet users, but for those who don’t use a computer and watch a lot of TV will have a chance to listen to some of the most inspiring leaders around the world. The word will spread even quicker too!

  • Tejaswi Yerukalapudi commented on May 4 2010

    This is so freaking awesome, I posted on TED asking for a TV broadcast of #TEDIndia talks to reach a wider audience. I’m not sure if my voice counted, but I’m absolutely delighted that this is happening! Anything we can do to help?

  • John Miles commented on May 4 2010

    Wow. The consciousness of TV has just been elevated.

    Who said there is nothing good on TV?

    • Allan Shore commented on May 5 2010

      Hopefully it will lead to other entertainment media likewise exploring more ways to integrate social justice ideas and concepts. I’ve been working on something I call Entertainment Justice, which has a new intro page on my site that you can see via the Entertainment tab of http://VentureCharities.biz. My idea is to do more than great discussions or even movies with meanings (such as the great Participation Media @ Participant.net) as writers and entertainment stars begin to showcase true heroes and heroines in real-life or fictional depictions of Advocates in Action. The James Bonds or Jason Bournes of the world need to be replaced with characters that bring teams of advocates together to defeat the evil of the world. Doing this will enhance the true value of social justice or social purpose in blockbuster presentations and start to get the next generation to appreciate something other than cartoon Avatars of any color!

    • Ay?e Seda Demirel commented on May 5 2010

      Great NEWS once again!
      A couple of hours ago I delivered an iPod, sent from Seattle, thanking me for my translation efforts for TED…
      And it felt so GREAT, to be a participant of this team once again!
      Thank You TED :)!
      I honestly loved the comment “The consciousness of TV has just been elevated”
      This sentence feels so strong and totally CORRECT :D

  • Mischa Nachtigal commented on May 4 2010

    Is this going to include things like the Roku box? I hope yes. Roku is a great platform that many people (myself included) have and would love to use to watch TED Talks on.

  • Jenny Yang commented on May 4 2010

    My dream come true. Fantastic! How can we help?