Glimpses of the pristine ocean: Enric Sala on TED.com

Posted by: Emily McManus

Enric Sala shares glorious images — and surprising insights — from some of the most pristine areas of the ocean. He shows how we can restore more of our oceans to this healthy, balanced state, and the powerful ecological and economic benefits of doing so. (Recorded on the Mission Blue Voyage, April 2010 on the National Geographic Endeavor, the Galápagos Islands, Ecuador. Duration: 19:55)

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  • Darina Stoyanova commented on May 14 2010

    These are so beautiful and so needed esp in light of the Oil spill crisis. A very talented friend of mine Vivek from India actually has a breakthrough solution for solving the Deepwater Horizon crises. More details, benefits & explanation can be found at http://www.squareandc.net/. Please pass this forward to any person,party or organization that can ACT upon it ASAP so that we can minimize the enormous damage on the entire oceanic ecosystem.