Phillip Zimbardo on the powers of time: The animation

Posted by: Emily McManus

RSA Animate shares this neat whiteboard video illustrating an idea from TEDTalks star Philip Zimbardo: How our individual concepts of time influence us.

Watch more from Philip Zimbardo on time, on TED.com >>

Watch more video from RSA Animate >>

(Thanks for the tip, Thaniya!)

Comments (4)

  • Damon Morelli commented on Sep 6 2010

    But should we accept other people’s time scales when it results in people driving recklessly?

  • trisha cruz commented on Jun 14 2010

    amazing and brilliant! such talent is worthy of praises.


  • rajinder jhol commented on Jun 14 2010

    its like a poem… thanks..

  • Renzo Bruni commented on Jun 13 2010

    Zimbardo gives out the information at a rate that makes it virtually impossible to remember closely. Usually lecturers emphasize certain points, and linger on them. Maybe the editing of his talk was too “much cutting” affected. However, the animations are spectacular. In all this is a great experience, even without 3D glasses on.