See the faces of the Pakistan floods: An unforgettable video

Posted by: Emily McManus

TED’s curator, Chris Anderson, was born in Pakistan, and feels an enduring tie to the country — which has recently experienced the worst floods in living memory, killing thousands and displacing tens of millions of people. Chris and his wife, Jacqueline Novogratz of the Acumen Fund, traveled the country, visiting camps and flooded cities — and gathering personal stories from this massive disaster (read them on Chris’ personal blog).

As Chris writes this evening:

When Jacqueline Novogratz and I returned last week from our visit to Pakistan’s flood-hit areas, we couldn’t get out of our heads the faces of the people we’d seen — in equal measures beautiful… haunting… hopeless… hopeful… These faces are the best possible answer to the insane indifference so much of the world has shown in response to this crisis, which by any objective measure is one of the worst this century.

We wanted to spread the word about what we’d seen, so we wrote to one of our heroes Peter Gabriel and he generously agreed to let us use an unforgettable song of his as the soundtrack to a video that will show you the people we met.


Download this video in 720p high-def >>

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  • Tyler Jones commented on Sep 22 2011

    While Mother Nature can be quite devastating, I believe in the power of humanity to work together and help each other out! We have to be optimistic in this sense because there is just too much bad in the world.

  • commented on Jan 18 2011

    its a biggest disaster of pakistani people please pray us


  • chloe meyer commented on Nov 18 2010

    This so sad, i just hope all the money goes to the poor people, especially in villages because they suffer the most. Politics in less developed countries are so corrupt, all the donated money goes to the politicians ant it’s the poor villagers that suffer the most. :(

  • commented on Nov 15 2010


    Me and my team is grateful to Al-mighty Allah who helped us in providing shelter to the shelter less flood affectees with the help of friends / donors / well wishers / philanthropists in Pakistan and Abroad. The project was started immediately after Eid-ul Fitr and we promised to provide shelter before Eid-ul-Azha. You will be glad to know that most of the flood affectees under “Apna Ghar Project” will celebrate this EID in their newly built houses.



  • Justė Ahmad commented on Sep 29 2010

    Video is heart-touching ;) guess the song fits to feelings so well :)
    I pray that Pakistan can do it through this mess … Just some effort to be made :) Inshallah country would be up again soon :) coz after all .. no matter what it does or whom it fights .. everyone is after all human beings :)

  • Michael Joy commented on Sep 14 2010

    I am an INDIAN, and Chris Anderson is the First person from PAKISTAN (who was born in PAKISTAN and brought up in South Asia & India in his younger age), whom I Adore & literally Love him, because of his creation TED.

    Its unbelievable he is from Pakistan – which I don’t like in the sense of conflicts between India & Pakistan (Even Pakistan is once an Indian Territory).

    It would be Heaven if Pakistan the Islamic State people Follow, Chris Anderson & Mahatma Gandhi’s way.

    I wonder why some cruel politicians play political games (especially Pakistan’s). Raising enmity between the Two Great Nations.

    If Pakistan & India could be good friends, with no Extremists & Religious morons.
    It will be the best friendship bet Two Nations in this World.

    India & Pakistan -which connects Middle East to IND, have Infinite Opportunities to do Great Business, with its many common habits, Culture, Food, Movies, Tourism, and a lot Infinite.

    But everything is now Divided by the Mess of Political Conflict

  • commented on Sep 14 2010

    Thank you Chris!