Tod Machover talks about his new robotic opera, Death and the Powers

Posted by: Emily McManus

Onstage at TED2009, Tod Machover talked about his boundary-shaking musical projects (including the gorgeous Hyperscore demoed by the composer Dan Ellsey) — and hinted about a “really crazy project” called Death and the Powers, a blend of opera and robotics that was going to turn the entire stage into a robotic musical instrument, using new performance tech from the MIT Media Lab. Next week, the robotic opera premieres live, playing Sept. 24-26 in Monte Carlo, Monaco. US dates will follow in 2011; follow on Twitter for more details. Gearlog might have put it best: they call it “The Singularity. In Opera Form. With Robots.”

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    Awesome, true artists are always ahead of time to get the others follow them. Hope at least excerpts from the show are available on youtube:)!