55 TEDTalks now on Hulu, with more to come …

Posted by: Tedstaff

Are you a Hulu fan? We’re adding the TEDTalks archive to Hulu’s great video library, starting with 55 TEDTalks — including the first talks released from TED2011 last week!

Head to hulu.com/tedtalks to browse, review and discuss — and stand by as we build the collection.

Watch TEDTalks on Hulu >>

Comments (9)

  • Lawrence Wang commented on Mar 18 2011

    It seems it is only for US, and there are not subtitle in hulu.com as in TED.com.

  • Jim Mackey commented on Mar 17 2011

    Sorry Emily, I have a well picked bone with Hulu. There appear to be so many interesting videos that are available only on Hulu. I have become upset and jaded when it comes to someone disallowing my educational interests. I regularly watch TED.com and massively enjoy most of the presentations with very few exceptions.
    By the way, what, precisely is a software architect? Different from a programmer?

  • Jim Mackey commented on Mar 17 2011

    Sad that another carrier was not chosen. Hulu, like so many other things, is U. S. only. Even Google Videos would have been a better choice as they are not country specific.

    • Emily McManus commented on Mar 17 2011

      Jim, TEDTalks are available on YouTube, iTunes, TED.com — Hulu is just one more place. Where else would you like to see them?

  • sharon baker commented on Mar 12 2011


    Its nice website…. Thanks for sharing with us….

  • commented on Mar 11 2011

    … PLUS you have to be in the US. Europe? No chance.

  • Brian Moore commented on Mar 11 2011

    you need to change your post to say HuluPlus…

    which means you have to pay $$$ to watch the TED videos.

    • commented on Mar 11 2011

      They play fine for me on basic Hulu. No $$ needed.

    • Emily McManus commented on Mar 13 2011

      Brian, can you write to contact@ted.com and describe the setup you’re using to watch? You do not have to pay to watch TEDTalks on Hulu on your computer; you can opt into Hulu Plus to watch on TV or other devices, but that’s an option, not a requirement. Thanks for helping us track down the problem you’re seeing.