Thanks to everyone who entered TED’s Full Spectrum video auditions

Posted by: Tedstaff

We’re amazed!

Thanks to everyone who made a video for TED’s Full Spectrum auditions. We’ve been screening video all week (and sat up last night watching the submissions roll in).

We held this audition to give a chance to the undiscovered talent we know is out there — and especially talent that can help us continue to reinvent the ancient art of the spoken word. At TED2012, our whole theme will be devoted to this. We’re calling it “Full Spectrum” — the rich use of technologies, formats and styles to make an impact on an audience. And so far, what we’ve seen is pretty thrilling. Finalists will be notified by May 9, 2011.

AND! If you missed the deadline for the video audition, and you still have a killer idea for a TEDTalk (by you or someone else), you can always share it with us. Just use our Suggest a Speaker form. It asks for all the information we need to evaluate your nomination. Read the FAQ first, for a few tips for success.

If you have an idea worth spreading, we’re always interested in hearing from you.

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  • Arif Vakil commented on May 9 2011

    Hey Dennis,
    Buddy I’m on tenterhooks as much as you are. I have been hitting send/receive on my mailbox every 5 minutes. Have probably checked my mail a million times or so today. So far no news. It’s 10 pm here in India. Don’t know if I’ll get any sleep tonight.
    All the best to you too Dennis.
    Arif and Ali

  • commented on May 7 2011

    Hi Jon, Love the video wall, and I enjoyed watching all the auditions. But I didn’t see my audition up there (http://www.vimeo.com/22822921 ). Is it possible you didn’t include Vimeo in your search? Arif, I liked your audition too. Good luck! (By the way, do we know if any of the finalists have been contacted yet?) — Dennis

  • Jon Ross commented on Apr 30 2011

    I created a way to see the submissions with “TED Talk Audition” in the title or tags (http://tinyurl.com/4324mmh). I experienced ‘technical difficulties’ during my submission.

  • Eric Linder commented on Apr 27 2011

    Agreed! It would be great to see the submissions.

  • Eric Linder commented on Apr 27 2011

    Agreed!! It would be great to watch the submissions.

  • Arif Vakil commented on Apr 27 2011

    Really nervous *knees knocking*. Can’t wait till the result. 9th of May seems so far away. *sigh*