Audio problem with the TED app for iPad? Here’s what the problem is …

Posted by: Tedstaff

We’ve received a lot of reports today from iPad users saying they have no audio when watching talks from the TED iPad app. In most cases, not only are talks silent, but there’s no volume slider showing in the full-screen controls.

If you’re seeing this, it’s very likely that your iPad is muted.

Depending on how you’ve configured your iPad, there are different ways to turn mute on and off. The first is the hardware switch on the right side of your iPad, directly above the volume buttons. If the switch is down, you should see an orange dot above the switch, which could mean the device is muted. You can confirm this by flipping the switch back up. If it’s configured to control sound, you’ll see the speaker symbol appear on your screen.

The hardware switch might be configured to control the orientation lock, however. In this case, you control mute in the multitasking tray. You can show the multitasking tray by double-clicking the home button on your iPad. Swipe to the right until you see the volume controls. If you see a speaker icon with a line through it, your iPad is muted. As you can see in the screenshots below, when the device is muted, the volume control disappears from view. By turning mute off, you’ll restore audio on your iPad, and the volume control should reappear.

Comments (4)

  • sercan aydoğan commented on Apr 20 2013

    Well I have this problem on my PC. How do you respond to that? I always watch TED videos on youtube because of that

  • Mariarosa Polit commented on Jun 28 2012

    Not only are there problems with the audio. My app no longer works. Since my purchase, I only saw one talk, then, every time I wanted to see a talk, two windows opened with these messages: “Fail to load video”, “Cannot extract video links”. I’ve never seen a talk through my app again. Do you know what´s going on?

  • Eugene Borisov commented on Jan 13 2012

    Yes, this issue still remained too.

  • Alexandra Reynolds commented on Jan 9 2012

    Unfortunately, the issue still remained. Audio stays very low.