Today, 5pm: Join a live Q&A with Damon Horowitz

Posted by: Emily McManus

Today at 5pm Eastern, join a live Q&A with Damon Horowitz about our “moral operating system.” He asks:

“I am curious to hear what prompts people to moral reflection and reconsideration: When have you realized that you were wrong about what you once thought was right?”

Jump in at 5pm, Wednesday, Eastern time: on.ted.com/HorowitzQA >>

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  • Jamie Cerny commented on Jun 8 2011

    When I realized that I only thought it was right because everyone else thought it was right. I think a lot of our morals are developed only because that’s the norm, not because we have actually formed our own opinions about what is right. Maybe if we were more deliberate when defining our moral compass, we wouldn’t have such a problem with people adapting destructive traits from the environment that they’ve grown up in.