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Photos: Inside Out Project in Israel and Palestine

Posted by: Tedstaff

For the past 2 weeks, TED Prize winner JR was in Israel and Palestine on what he termed his “biggest action” yet for the Inside Out Project.

For this action, called “Time is Now, Yalla!”, the Inside Out team took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem & beyond. Giant photobooths (including a mobile truck) were erected to bring the printing to the people. Everyone could to take their own portraits and share what they stood for by immediately pasting their posters in the streets. Taking place at an historically poignant time, these pastings were true community events; people of all ages and backgrounds came celebrate their stories together.

The response to the project was nothing short of inspiring. With a strong visual statement of the desires of people on both sides, thousands made their voices heard and added themselves to the global tapestry of over 40,000 “Inside Out faces.”

After the core Inside Out team left, the project continued for the next week thanks to some impassioned volunteers in the region.

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– Casson Rosenblatt

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  • Jim Smithson commented on Feb 21 2013

    This effort ignores the truth that Israel is an apartheid state that is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians from their land.

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  • Noprimitivo Pensador commented on Dec 20 2012

    Only the book “Hitler was not the first person provoked by the Jews” available online, can bring the understanding for global justice. There it is reasonably exposed who was Moses, Jesus and Mohammed, their mistakes and wise choices, in the moral, legal and economic.