Remembering Steve Jobs

Posted by: Tedstaff

This evening, Apple announced that Steve Jobs, its legendary leader, has died. Watch his powerful talk “How to live before you die” — in which Jobs urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks, including death itself.

Tom Rielly, TED’s community director and an early Mac fanboy, writes: “Steve Jobs changed my life totally and utterly (and obviously, I’m not the only one). From the moment he introduced Macintosh with mesmerizing flair, I was hooked by his charisma. I knew that his invention would change everything. Even though I’ve met him only a few times, I felt a deep personal connection to him and his work that transcends the rational. When I heard the news today, I felt physically ill and terribly sad for his wife and children. I will always be grateful to him and the teams he led that brought us the Mac, the iPod, the iPad, Pixar, iTunes … Quite simply he is my hero.”

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  • Marcel dekker devos commented on Oct 6 2011


    For me you will always be a standard of what can be done:
    a living inspiration to all creative professionals!
    I suggest everybody buries an apple or even better,
    plant an apple tree their back garden in honor of you.



  • Varun Chopra commented on Oct 6 2011


  • Xavier Schaeffer commented on Oct 6 2011

    To Steve : It’s not the first time I watch your speech, It’s certainly not the last one neither. Today is a very special moment in your “life”, it’s also a very special moment in my life. Thanks a lot for your advises, it’s helping me dealing with hard choices and decisions I have to make. Rest in peace Steve!

  • Prakash Wadhwani commented on Oct 6 2011

    You have been my idol, and will always be. RIP Steve Jobs.

  • Andrey Siling commented on Oct 6 2011

    The Great Master has gone. World will never be the same. R.I.P.

  • Chris Shepherd commented on Oct 6 2011

    There are some people I would really have liked to have met, now I will never get the chance.

  • Mandanna Kuttanna commented on Oct 6 2011

    RIP Steve. God Bless.

  • stephen Moreno commented on Oct 6 2011

    I am saddened, we have all lost an amazing Steve…

    Steve’s of the world unite in prayer for our fallen brethren. -Steev Jobs: 1955-2011

    as a graphic artist, I’ve only used Apple products since 1994, I believed in their approach to simple use, even when apple was near ruin just before Jobs returned., Ive since happily watched the system I’ve stood up for become a leader in, …if not innovation, but taking everyday use and common sense to incorporate simple features in simple design. For all my PC friends who claim that macs are too simple, and complain against their lack of configurability, (That might be a word.) I have always said, “sure, you can build your own Ford truck and work on it, but, why would you drive a Porsche off the lot and expect that you would ever want to tinker with the engine yourself?”

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  • Robert Williamson commented on Oct 6 2011

    “I would like to leave a ding in the universe.” – Steve Jobs
    “I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” – Steve Jobs
    “Wisdom begins in Wonder.” – Socrates
    “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” – Socrates

    God Bless you Steve…You will always be with us for besides leaving a ding in the universe you have left a ding in all our hearts and you will always be with us. A true hero of my generation and for generations to come!!!

  • Prof. Prashant Mali commented on Oct 6 2011

    Human history is now about two apples, the first one which had fallen on Newton’s head and the second one which had come from Steve Jobs’s head..One sticks us down to our G Force and the other allows our minds to fly…Kudos Steve Jobs

  • Barry Friedman commented on Oct 6 2011

    We all leave at some point… we just don’t leave such a mark. Thanks, Steve. I love fonts, too.

  • Vincent Argiro commented on Oct 6 2011

    I was glad to see something in memorium for Steve from the TED team. Tom Reilly, your words are right on and I deeply share all of them. Thanks for your gift here.

    I hope TED will think about doing something to commemorate Steve’s magnus opus of Technology Entertainment and Design contributions in some form.

  • bou lou commented on Oct 6 2011

    Hommage à un grand homme dont les idées ont révolutionnées les temps modernes. Un génie qui restera immortel.  THE MAN WITH THE BIG APPLE

  • Matt Lantz commented on Oct 6 2011

    As a visionary and a leader, he will be missed but never forgotten.

  • vu-tuan hoang commented on Oct 6 2011

    Wish him always stay with those who have big ambition and wishes like him.

  • Hargovind Singh commented on Oct 6 2011

    A legend .. may ur soul rest in peace.. regards

  • Bil Mitchell commented on Oct 6 2011

    We didn’t lose a visionary, we gained the impetus to fulfill our own visions.

  • Sue Spevack commented on Oct 5 2011

    please remember also, we lost a great civil rights person, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth.

  • Mahendra Penumathsa commented on Oct 5 2011

    To have such mastery over visualizing what human beings dream about, and then to give shape to that dream in reality. That is rare. He is rare.

    R.I.P Steve Jobs. We will miss you. Your story, we are sure, will inspire many out there to trust their instincts.