4 playful TEDxYouthDay promo videos

Posted by: Tedstaff

“My generation has so much potential in changing this world. We have all the tools necessary.” — TEDxYouth@Conejo

So, how do we get those tools to the youth at large? How do we help young people not only access those tools, but understand how to use them? From November 19-21, more than 90 events for (and by) young people will unite to answer these questions and more for TEDxYouthDay 2011.

Youth from all over the globe will share a common vision: inspiring curiosity, igniting new ideas and empowering young leaders. One of the tools that TEDxYouthDay organizers are using to spark your curiosity is video. Last year, TEDxYouth@Aveiro visualized how small steps can lead to big changes. TEDxYouth@Porto and TEDxYouth@Amsterdam reminded everyone that the youth all over the world not only have ideas worth spreading, but also worth doing!

This year, students organizing TEDxYouth@Conejo have put together an amazing invitation for you to come out and “play, learn, build, & share” during TEDxYouthDay 2011. Take a look at these quick and brilliant videos that remind you of how important, powerful and committed today’s youth are to making a lasting impact on the future, starting now.

TEDxYouth@Amsterdam 2010

TEDx Youth@Aveiro 2010

TEDxYouth@Porto 2010

TEDxYouth@Conejo 2011

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  • Jesper Hejlesen commented on Oct 21 2011

    Really great videos, really like the guy in the last video that believe we trough ideas have the power to change the world, im trying that myselv on A1000ideas.com and if we ALLE bring as many ideas as possible to the table, I believe he is going to be right.

  • commented on Oct 21 2011

    Hey this is an awesome blog post. I think that this generation definately has the potential to change this world. I think we have already seen change in this society from our generation. I am a student at Chapman University and have created a blog for a class I am currently enrolled in. I feel like we have topics that coexist nicely together. Check out my blog at http://andretart.wordpress.com/
    Let me know what you think. Thanks!

  • Michelle Rosenthal commented on Oct 20 2011

    These short promos are very inspirational and make me want to organize a TEDxYouth event