Occupy. Inside. Out.

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99 faces. 99 stories. 99 reasons why they are the 99%.

Late last week, a group of everyday Americans used art and the Inside Out Project platform to stand up and declare that they are the 99%. Occupy. Inside. Out. is an effort to document the people behind the Occupy movement and to share their stories; an opportunity to paint a positive portrait of the face of change.

Just as the Occupy movement is spreading across the country and world, the organizers of this action hope other supports of the movement will also use art and Inside Out to stand with the 99%.

Take portraits. Upload them to Inside Out. Get your posters. Contact the organizers of Occupy.Inside.Out to let them know what you are doing. Simple as that.

All images: Chad Meacham

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  • Thomas McHale commented on Nov 8 2011

    Why did the government force banks to accept TARP money? Why did the government refuse to let “bailed out” banks to repay the TARP money? Why is no one asking these questions? It appears to me the the regime wanted to get control of the banks and used TARP as their lever.

  • Barbara Duck commented on Oct 25 2011

    I call it the Attack of the Killer Algorithms as we can no longer rely on math to be 100% reliable for proving accuracy. I have written about 3 posts on this topic and yes it’s a tough battle when fighting formulas that you can see, touch or hear, the math and those who used it to market and redistribute wealth.

  • commented on Oct 25 2011

    What is Occupy? I haven’t heard of it, but I would like to know more.

  • commented on Oct 25 2011

    Sounds like a great initiative!