Countdown: 18 ideas that will change the world in 2012

Posted by: Emily McManus

All month on the Huffington Post, we’ve been counting down 18 great ideas from 2011 that we think will change the world in 2012 and beyond. Today’s post ends the countdown with a powerful idea: Kids save the world! Watch John Hunter’s TEDTalk on his World Peace Game and read his essay on the Huffington Post.

And catch up on all 18 great ideas — with original essays from the speakers (and friends) that bring their ideas right up to date at the end of a turbulent, fascinating year. From world politics to new technologies, from education to psychology, recap the ideas that we think (and we hope!) will shape the coming decade.

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  • Nina Fitzgerald commented on Oct 11 2012

    Law of Behaviour
    The Joey Theory

    —- “All behaviours are different levels of insecurity.

    Love, is the complete lack of it.” ——

    LOVE – Completely Secure – 100%

    Giving completely and freely of one’s self – lacking any and all insecurity with that person, animal or object at that time.

    The Ladder of Insecurity

    Hypothesized examples 26/5/12

    1% insecure – Altruism – act of selflessness – which in actual fact makes us feel very good about ourselves – not so selfless – makes us
    feel more secure.
    55% insecure – Ego – lack of security – need for people to “look at me” and give me confidence / energy / security / validation
    75% insecure – Anger – are very insecure and their defence is offence – attack! Steal energy. The reality is they are being DEEPLY insecure.
    85% insecure – Jealousy – Extremely insecure
    90% insecure – Depression – Hugely insecure
    100% insecure – Suicide – insecure about EVERYTHING
    100% insecure – Murder – War

    Our current behavioural cultural conditioning in the West reinforces dealing with insecurities by:

    Offence or Defence
    e.g. (Anger) (Capitulation).
    (Sarcasm) (Capitulation)
    (War) (Capitulation)
    (Bullying) (Capitulation)
    (Lying) (Capitulation)
    (Manipulation) (Capitulation)

    Totally secure = not being insecure = Love perpetually
    Hence the more love you give the stronger you are!

    Current Western societal systems condition and reinforce attacking insecurities with offence…. egos, anger, manipulation, lying, bullying. What if it were realised that our greatest stars, leaders etc are some of the most insecure people on the planet??
    True strength lies in the Dalai Lama’s, Mother Theresa’s, etc. People with the incredible security to give with love constantly.

    Recent factual example 2
    A family with a little girl (about 2 years old) were in the zoo yesterday and told me that she was starting to go through the stage of being scared of everything, before this she had been fearless. I said that’s because she’s picking up on our insecurities (being conditioned with them).

    Fictitious example 3
    Let’s say I get angry. I start stealing people’s energy because I am deeply insecure and will attempt to dominate them with my energy to feel more secure. What if instead of people capitulating to my ranting they instead view me as “deeply insecure” and walk away to let me sort it out on my own. I.e. I have been given no reinforcement for my behaviour. Will I choose to be angry and act like an idiot in front of my peers next time? Or will extinction of that behaviour take place.

    What does this mean? Paradigm shift. Behavioural self realisation. A new cultural conditioning. Kids early conditioning based on security not insecurity. We embark on a new era of self security and love being the true measurement of people’s ultimate development and potential.

    We change the measuring stick.

    We change the world.


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