New: Find “courses” from TEDTalks on iTunes U

Posted by: Tedstaff

New on iTunes U: Find TEDTalks organized by subject area into courses, curated for students, educators and lifelong learners. In our initial course offering, explore such topics as “Creative Problem-Solving” … “Understanding Happiness” … “Climate Change” … where you’ll find great thinkers from TED exploring multiple aspects of a fascinating topic.

Explore these curated collections of TEDTalks on iTunes U … and watch for new courses over upcoming months!

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  • Leonardo Letelier commented on Mar 26 2013

    Are all TED Talks tagged “into” iTunes U?
    Today, I download both on my iPhone, but I was wondering if I am duplicating everything …

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  • Artem Umanets commented on May 29 2012

    I’ve started watching TEDTalks with iTunes U on my iPad.
    It’s really awesome and educational.

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  • Waseem Samman commented on Apr 1 2012

    it’s amazing way to organize TED speaks….but i have one suggestion about making to kinds of notes ,notes for ourselves and the other shared with the group of students who subscribe the course and to make discussion over the course simpler and with great value at the end of the course which we can publish for others….:)

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  • Steffie Hwang commented on Feb 10 2012

    That’s awesome that’s brilliant that’s stunning that’s epic that’s amazing..

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  • commented on Feb 8 2012

  • Yasser Masood commented on Feb 8 2012

    Looks like I’m putting this to use with iTunesU

  • Kevin Parcell commented on Feb 8 2012

    Great move! This is more efficient as a guide than searching by keywords, and the enhanced materials is very attractive to me, but I also would like to have the comments board.

    I’ve been collecting links to TED vids in the categories of Open Source, System Design, and Gamification at on the Additional Resources page linked there at the bottom.

  • Robert Patterson commented on Feb 8 2012

    I applaud your exceptional use of technology to organize and share your talks. I have one suggestion for something I may have missed. Perhaps their might be a way to present the talks in a non-linear fashion? While any of the talks appear to be dissimilar (music vs biology, for example), there are some talks which I suspect share DNA. For example, Dr. Wolfram’s talk could be “linked” to both philosophy and neuroscience. I have found that multidimensional mind mapping (see helps with” wow! didn’t think of that!” connections.

    • Waseem Samman commented on Apr 1 2012

      i see your point,however what do you mean but mind mapping like does with ideas….do you mean like a new category or tag by multidimensional speaks and talks, cause i was thinking about it lately.

  • George Carroll commented on Feb 8 2012

    Fantastic news! Go TED!

  • commented on Feb 8 2012

    Reblogged this on newtechiegirl and commented:
    I love TEDTalks…this will be awesome. Now to find the time to watch them all. That is the hard part.

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  • Lourdes Cahuich commented on Feb 8 2012

    I find this a very good idea and I am going to use it a lot for my classes. Thank you!