Have you visited Inside Out Project lately?

Posted by: Tedstaff

Since the Inside Out Project launched last year at TED, more than 70,000 individual photos have been shot and pasted in almost 9,000 locations around the world, sharing a vision of individual identity for the world to see. To house this astonishing collection of portraits online from around the world, Inside Out recently revamped their website — — so you can explore and browse the gallery and sign up to take part in a portrait pasting of your own.

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Plus! While staying in Southern California last spring to work on the TED Prize, JR also started up a beautiful mural project called “Wrinkles of the City” — celebrating the lives of older people in youth-obsessed LA. Now you can watch a short film about the project, with powerful stories and images:

Watch “Wrinkles of the City” >>

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  • Paul Palmer commented on Feb 11 2012

    It was a touching video. It was marred, for me, by seeing that small horror perpetuated of writing “loose” where the speech said “lose”. It is happening all over now. I guess it started as mere error and is fast becoming a change in spelling. It disturbs me to see error reified into change. And “saran wrap” is not “surround rap”. But the concept of putting those faces on buildings is a great one for upgrading the look of a gritty city.