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TEDxLive screenings near you: How to watch one day of TED2012

Posted by: Emily McManus

On Monday, TED2012 kicks off in Long Beach, and TEDActive in Palm Springs.

If you’d like to watch one day of TED — in company of great people from your community — check out TEDxLive! Around the world, local TEDx organizers will be sharing a livestream of Wednesday’s TED sessions in theaters, homes, cafes and schools. Find a local TEDxLive event near you >>

And of course, if you’d like to watch the entire livecast of all four days of TED — as well as TEDGlobal, our annual European conference this summer — there’s still time to sign up for a TED Live membership. Get details >>

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  • commented on Feb 25 2012

    I have shared this post on both my Twitter account and on my Facebook timeline. Great stuff going on!

  • Lauren Cucinotta commented on Feb 24 2012

    TEDxLive events are “webcast” events — meaning they show a webcast of TED 2012, but their program is not actually “webcast” to the world as a standard TEDx event would on a platform such as Livestream, for example.

  • Sean McConnell commented on Feb 24 2012

    On the TEDLive Event Listing page, there is a column for “Webcast.” All entries but one say “No.” Why is that?