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TED2012: Full Spectrum. February 27 – March 2, 2012. Long Beach, CA. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

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  • elaine bousfield commented on Feb 3 2013

    Hello – I have a question. I am not a physicist or mathamatician but hopefully the question makes sense.
    Recent thinking is that the universe as we know it has only 4% matter -23% is Dark Matter (physical ‘stuff’ we can’t see) and 73% is Dark Energy. That sounds like a lot of Dark Energy to me? So how can the mathamatical calculation of . 00000000000 etc 138 – a very small number – be responsible for such a strong gravitational pull? The two numbers .0000000 etc 138 (very small) and 73% (huge) don’t make sense to me? Can anyone explain? Also I can’t see why we will one day look upon a sky devoid of stars and planets and galaxies – if the universe and the stuff in it is expaning faster and faster surely we are (as in our galaxy) as well? Can anyone help me understand this?