The Parlor: Session 2 at TED2012

Posted by: Ben Lillie

For this session, we’re resurrecting the 17th century custom of the salon in order to delight and educate everyone gathered both here at TED — and at the simulcasts taking place around the world.

In this session:

Quixotic, a mixed-media theater/performance/aerialist company. See a sneak peek of their stage work >>

Andrew Stanton, the writer behind the three Toy Story movies and the writer/director of WALL-E, whose new film, John Carter, comes out in March. He gave a masterclass on storytelling >>

Reuben Margolin, an artist whose moving sculptures combine the logic of math with the sensuousness of nature. He shared video and thoughts about art, life and waves >>

At a TED long ago, Terry Moore taught us how to tie our shoes. Now he tells us what x means >>

Two-term U.S. Poet Laureate, Billy Collins. He shared poetry in motion >>

Michael Tilson Thomas, a conductor and music educator. He gave us a history of music in 18 minutes >>

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  • commented on Feb 29 2012

    OH, how I wish for those grand salons of Paris to drop into every city here in the USA in 2012!

  • julia kim commented on Feb 28 2012

    “The average kid spends seven and a half hours a day in
    front of a screen watching billions of dollars in advertising
    for foods of the poorest nutritional quality.” From Mark
    Hyman, M.D.’s, The Blood Sugar Solution, as he explains
    the dangerous consequences of poor quality, nutrient-
    deficient frankenfoods.