Video: Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones showing at TED2012

Posted by: Ben Lillie

Recognizing the impact of the late Steve Jobs on the lives of essentially every person in the TED crowd, curator Chris Anderson introduces this ad, the original Apple “Think Different” ad, narrated by the company founder.

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  • Benjamin Miranda commented on Feb 29 2012

    Be a Prosumer My Friend. Proactive, Professional.

  • Louis Ferraton commented on Feb 29 2012

    Someone’s missing in the video : Julian Assange !
    Is it because Apple deleted the Wikileaks app from its appstore ?
    In any case the only “rebels” in the video are the one who are not controversial anymore. How easy it is to pick up people from the past ! Controversy is gone ! Now it’s much more difficult to pick up today’s people. The two contemporary characters are Richard Branson (Virgin corporation) and Ted Turner (CNN). Branson, like Jobs, understood that you can turn so called “rebellion” and its values in $$$$$. Is that what rebellion is about ??? What a joke !!
    (Turner, i don’t know enough his life to write about him).

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