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New from TED-Ed: Questions no one knows the answers to

Posted by: Emily McManus

Throughout today and tomorrow, we’ll be sharing incredible video from our new TED-Ed channel.

In a new TED-Ed series designed to catalyze curiosity, TED Curator Chris Anderson shares his obsession with questions that no one (yet) knows the answers to. This introduction leads into two questions as follow-up films: Why can’t we see evidence of alien life? and How many universes are there? 2:11.

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  • commented on Mar 12 2012

    Reblogged this on My Senior Honors Thesis and commented:
    I love questions like this :)

  • Glenn Jessome commented on Mar 12 2012

    At a young age I was told, “Philosophy is like a very intense light. If you use it wisely, you can see many things. However, if you look straight at it, then it can blind you.”

    The two ‘seemingly’ unanswerable questions the narrator (and host of TED; by the sound of his voice) asks, are easily answered, but he has listened to too many philosphical thinkers and he is confused by their ideas; this has bullied his natural intellect, and stupified him.

    Q(1). How many universes are there?

    A(1). That is easy. Short answer. The is only one universe.

    The word ‘uni’ denotes one. We live in the universe and it is all we can observe. Some scientific ‘theorists’ and religious ‘theologeons’ suggest that there are other realms or universes. However, these other realms have not been observed, and if they ever are observed, they will be other ‘universes’ and part of the ‘multi-verse’ system. However, this multi-verse system would then just be a ‘greater’ universe. We live in the only known universe known as the space-time continuum, and there is ABSOLUTELY no sound evidence for others. The fact they would do NOT know the exact nature of the boundaries pisses some ‘inside the box’ thinkers off, but it does nothing to negate our experience in the one universe. The unknown shape of the universe also bothers people, but those does not change the fact that there is only one.

    Proof, you say? I have written a Princeton peer reviewed valid mathematical and scientific paper which proves there are NO spatial dimensions higher than 3-D; thus I can rule out thoughts of higher spatial dimensions which are fundamental to popular String Theories, multi-verse theories and other such nonesense. No true natural spaces exist below 3-D, and you should appreciate that 2-D, 1-D and 0-D are merely theoretical geometrical constructs and not actually observable in nature. Geometric spaces below 0-D are not even contempatable, let alone natural or real.

    However, the spiritual realm is connected to our universe through the purely temporal realm, and thus is not seperate from our universe. When you come to understand the true nature of the space-time continuum, then the nature of the temporal realm becomes self-evident and easy to understand; until you appreciate and understand the true nature of the temporal realm, the space-time continuum will remain impossible to understand and many mysteries will remain. i.e. the fundamental flaw in the seemingly accurate General Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein, Black Hole Theory, Big Bang Theory, etc.

    Q(2) Why can’t we see evidence of alien life?

    A(2) Again, the answer is simple. We can’t see alien life yet because it is either rare or non-existent. We have been lookingbthrough the cosmos with great equipment for decades now, and their is no known evidence of alien life — we get excited when we see a planet that looks like it might be possible to sustain life, but we have not seen verifiable evidence of it. We have not encountered alien life yet, or at least on a wide enough scale for it to be acceptable by many. Maaaaan, these philosophical thinkers annoy me.

    You see, the human social world of communication is dominated by OPINION and BELIEF. Millions, if not billions, of times during a day, people on this planet are asking each other about their OPINIONS and BELIEFS, in different languages — because of how common this is, people have come to think OPINIONS and BELIEFS are real or have some affect on reality. Newsflash! They don’t! You may or may not care about other people’s, or your own, OPINIONS and BLIEFS, but that also does not make them real. Human communication is archaic and flawed; and my terrible writing is proof of that. More people would do well to read more Bertrand Russell and less Deepak Chopra (or even worse, Eckhart Tolle).

    Whether or not you believe in something like alien life has no affect on reality. If anyone has encountered alien life, they have not lived to tell about it, or they have not been believed when they tell of it, or their memory has been erased, or it has been kept secret, or some other easily explainable human event has occurred. There is little mystery with people.

    All the marketing and rhetoric surrounding alien life merely affects people’s opinions and beliefs, and does not move us closer to the truth. People have made incredible sums of money by selling doctored images of aliens and UFO’s, and people have spent incredible sums of money investigating the existence of ‘aliens’, but money is an artificially created entity and does not have the false value that people attribute to it — something like 80% of money is now electrons and electronic data stored in a computer — during some times in history, a wheel barrel full of money could not buy you a wheel barrel full of bread. Like OPINIONS and BELIEFS, money goes up and down in ‘value’, but it is not as real as most people are led to ‘believe’.

    Now had the questions been posed more precisely and succinctly, say: “Are there any physical life forms (composed of atoms) in the observable universe, other than those we can observe on this planet?” Then my answer could have been shorter … :) :) :)

    I await the next batch of questions, I assume they will be just as easy to answer and probably equally dramatic and philosophical.

    Here is a better question:

    How can we get humans to stop killing each other with conventional wars, chemical warfare, biological warefare, soft kill (fluoridation, cigarettes, chemicals in air food and water, GMO’s etc.), oppression, starvation, hoarding of resources, murder, etc.?

    I also have the answer to the above question, as did Pythagoras, Socrates, Jesus and many others throughout history; people whom we BELIEVE in, but refuse to follow for the sake of our own opinions and beliefs. By the way, I obtained the answer from reading the works of great minds and I cannot take credit for knowing the answer. Sometimes, I wish I did not know, because I would be less frustrated, but I digress.

    We have the answers to many questions, we just do NOT have enough people who are open minded enough to learn and listen; mostly because their minds have been closed by their strong OPINIONS and BELIEFS.

    Deliberately shatter your own belief system, and you will move closer to obtaining enlightenment.

    Lux et Veritas!

  • Francesco Dorigo commented on Mar 12 2012

    What propels a photon?
    What shape does it have?
    On its travels is unperturbed does it grow tired?