TED Talent Search: Reports from TED@Sydney …

Posted by: Larissa Green

A “fluid” presentation at the TED2013 auditions in Sydney, Australia.

As the TED team travels around the world hosting salons in 14 cities, we’re collecting great local stories. Here’s a quick report from TED@Sydney, held May 27, 2012, at Carriageworks, and hosted locally by TEDxSydney organizers.

Start with this abundant photo set from Jean-Jacques Halans on Flickr to relive and relish some of the Australian talent search highlights.

Then check out this beautiful post from “Fe,” a self proclaimed “documentarian,” who shot three days’ worth of events, performances, and intimate moments during TEDxSydney 2012 and TED@Sydney.

Another great blog post from Jason Kemp gives a peek at the TEDTalks presented at the talent search.

End on a high note with these excited tweets from attendees:

Photo: TED@Sydney Flickr Album by Jean-Jacques Halans

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  • Jason Kemp commented on Oct 8 2012

    Thanks Larissa for the link back. Anyone who saw Pip Hall at the talent event will be pleased to hear that last Sat at TEDxAuckland 2012 we had an updated of Pips talk in front of 2075 attendees. It was an awesome day. I wrote about our local event over here.