Lucky us: Sarah Slean at TEDGlobal 2012

Posted by: Helen Walters

Sarah Slean

Sarah Slean has made eight albums, the latest of which is a double album, Land & Sea, featuring original scores composed for a 21-piece string orchestra. She hasn’t brought quite that many musicians with her to TEDGlobal but together with the local Cairn String Quartet she starts off with a quiet piece for piano, a string quartet and her own magical voice. Then she kicks off her gorgeous red high heels (“they were just for show”) and skips to the front of the stage to perform her composition “Lucky Me.” Indeed, lucky us.

Sarah Slean

Sarah Slean

Photos: James Duncan Davidson

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  • Nicholas Earle commented on Oct 17 2012

    Please post the video

  • Angela Ho commented on Jul 11 2012

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the video too. :(

  • Ashley Dunfield commented on Jun 28 2012

    Where is the video? I want to watch it!

    • Jordan Thomas commented on Jun 28 2012

      I would be eternally grateful.