In Short: Tavi Gevinson goes on media blitz, how your sushi habit affects the ocean

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

Tavi Gevinson in NY Times

Check out these fascinating finds from across the internet:

  • Tavi Gevinson gave an inspired talk at TEDxTeen, “Just trying to figure it out.” This week, Gevinson — the founder of the online magazine Rookie– has been on a media blitz. First, Gevinson was heralded as the “Oracle of Girl World” in the Sunday New York Times. She also “dishes on Anna Wintour, feminism, and her plans for world domination” in the latest issue of Bust magazine. [NY Times, Bust]
  • Can a wireless router be used to see through walls? A new device makes it so. [Popular Science]
  • Vertigo has officially eclipsed Citizen Kane as the greatest film of all time, according to the list created by the British Film Institute. Do you agree with this upset? [Atlantic Wire]
  • How has the dramatic rise in the popularity of sushi affected the ocean? A documentary looks at how the food went from being mocked as elitist to being served at football games, and what this means for the eco-balance. [Salon]
  • Thing you need to play now: The Great Gatsby game.