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Some suggested ways to use our Surprise Me player

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

As Barry Schwartz explained in his classic TEDTalk “The paradox of choice,” the more options you have, the more confounding making a decision can feel. This is the logic behind our new Surprise Me feature, a serendipity engine that lets you decide what kind of talks you’d like to see and how long you have to watch them. It’s an easy way to find great talks you’ve never seen before. Some of options you can try:

But the sky is truly the limit here. Create your own personalized playlist by heading to our Surprise Me page. Enjoy!

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  • Virginia Swann commented on Sep 6 2012

    Hello Ted,
    I’ve watched your videos on Brain Injury and also am very interested in knowing how it could have effected me due to a car accident I had as a child at age 10. Put into a coma and told I wouldn’t wake up which I did after 6weeks. The doctors at Baylor Hospital in Dallas, Tx said, ” I should not even be alive”. It effect the left side of my brain and my nervous system to the point I was normal before the hit and run on my bike and pulled under her car for 500 ft. My body was in between the car under neith and the bike this is the only thing that saved me I suppose according to doctors. I’ve been a very anxious person ever since and before I would only speak if spoken to. I’m now studying to get my Psychology Degree MS and my minor is Art. I’d like to meet and come where you are or even speak with you about this.
    Is this possible?
    Thank you, Virginia Swann