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How a contortionist plays music

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

We are thoroughly impressed with contortionist Anudari, who performed last week at TEDxUlaanbaatar in Mongolia. She has been studying contortion since she was 6-years-old. But it’s not just her outrageous flexibility and ability to fold in impossible ways that makes her so fascinating to watch. It’s the fact that she can play a musical instrument while balancing on a stick held in her mouth, as her legs and back press over the rest of her body. Bravo Anudari!

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  • Apple Lynch commented on Oct 10 2012

    Speechless! Cultivated, talented, ‘genetic’, magic, out of this world where you don’t know and can’t yet imagine. Today’s tranquilized Mongolia which gave a birth to the Genghis Khan in the past, got herself a house speaker and give her voice to the world.

  • Becca Black commented on Oct 9 2012

    While the performance was fascinating, the editing was beyond atrocious!
    One entire portion was impossible to see as it was done in a bizarre long shot for no apparent reason other than to show off that there were live musicians there.
    Plus, the shadow screen was annoying & completely unnecessary. It added nothing to it!

  • commented on Oct 8 2012

    Rubber lady :)

  • kemar thompson commented on Oct 7 2012

    check out this video “japanese girl”