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Young Guru remixes the sweet sounds of TEDYouth

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

Young Guru, best known for producing Jay-Z’s albums, may be on tour in Europe. But he couldn’t resist the opportunity to remix the teenage singers, MCs and thinkers who contributed their vocals at TEDYouth. At the event on November 17, World Up — a non-profit dedicated to making the world smaller through hip hop, technology and education — set up their Living Remix Project and recorded dozens of teenagers sharing how TEDYouth inspired them through harmonies, rhymes and beats. Here, Young Guru’s remix of this amazing material, starting with his own talk from session 1 of the event.

And here is a longer version of the track, spun together by World Up’s Interactive Music Director, Spazecraft, on the spot during session 2.

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  • Ebenezer Bond commented on Dec 12 2012

    Thank you all. Please consider supporting our work using music to empower youth with TECH Skills by making a donation: https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/contribute/donate/463

  • Dennard Mitchell commented on Dec 3 2012

    As a Youth Speaker and fan of hip hop, great job Young Guru. What better way to give back, than to invest your talents into the youth. Great job on the remixes!

  • commented on Nov 29 2012

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    I thinks This will be the best for the youth new generations