Spotted in Shanghai: This TED Talks bootleg DVD

Posted by: Wishnow

In Shanghai, China, where it’s always night, directly across the street from a pirated DVD shop called Movie Star is another pirated DVD shop called Better Than Movie Star … and that’s where TED’s founding video director, Jason Wishnow, discovered this pirated DVD (which: sigh! but it’s too good not to share).

It’s a bootleg copy of one of our most popular Netflix shows, a curated collection called “Sex, Secrets and Love.” You can watch this collection yourself on Netflix Streaming, or find it on DailyMotion. Or, if you’d prefer a hard copy, did you know: You can order up a DVD of your favorite six TED Talks through our DVD on Demand service. And as with this bootleg above, you can make your own cover art …

Photo: Jason Wishnow. The text at right begins: Are you going to die for love? Are you going to lie or cheat for love?

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  • Nick Tang commented on Nov 30 2012

    Not much different from America “borrowing” from the old Eueropean continent 150-300 yrs ago? Or the old continent “borrowing” the compass or gunpowder from China centuries ago?

    BTW, never forget about the pillage of the “East” and Africa by the colonialists…organized violence you were good at, that’s all

  • commented on Nov 29 2012

    It’s a sad fact that China shops and markets are full of bootleg products of all types. It is rampant. No matter how much the Chinese government cracks down and posts videos of destroying copies and punishing the perpetrators it does not stop.
    In China there is no respect for IP.

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