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TEDActive: the trailer

Posted by: Tedstaff

Yes, TEDActive is about listening to the great talks broadcast from TED in Long Beach. But it’s also about going on hikes, participating in flash mobs, immersing yourself in art projects, dancing, and stepping up to the mic to give your own TED Talk. Pique your interest? Watch the video above to hear much more.

Explains TEDActive co-host Kelly Stoetzel, “TED in Long Beach has a lot of people who have achieved big things in their careers. At TEDActive, we do have people like that. But it’s also a lot of people working really hard to achieve things and at a point in their lives where they are ready to take big ideas forward.”

Head to the TEDActive website to register for this unique conference experience >>

Comments (4)

  • Robin Palmer commented on Dec 31 2012

    I am looking forward to attending TEDActive for the first time! Yippee!

  • commented on Dec 13 2012

    Can I do everything? every single activity :DDD I’m going to feel better than a child at disneyland!

  • D K commented on Dec 11 2012

    Goosebumps – can’t wait guys :-)

  • John Michael Van Treeck commented on Dec 11 2012

    TEDactive sounds a lot like we just finished learning in class. That art and science need to stick together, so we can innovate new ideas, and think outside the box more often. TEDactive encourages others to not just be thinkers, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians, but artists who are creative and proactive. This will help everyone improve mentally, and physically, and that improvement can make us better people overall.