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New playlists: The Power of Film + Personal Tales from the Edge

Posted by: Shirin Samimi-Moore


TED playlists are collections of talks around a topic, built for you in a thoughtful sequence to illuminate ideas in context. This weekend, two new playlists are available: The power of film and Personal tales from the edge.

The power of film
These carefully curated talks emphasize the evocative medium of film — be it to convey emotion, to protest, to educate or simply to entertain.

Personal tales from the edge
What is it like to be on the verge of death … and pull through? These compelling speakers share what they learned from their unique experiences.

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  • ted khalid commented on Mar 3 2013

    I am very sad about what is happening in recent years for stories and novels.You will not find financing for real stories .Funding goes to fairy stories and science fiction. Purpose.
    programming of the human mind and keep it away from reality.And spreading malicious ideas.And destabilize the doctrine of the faith.Even children not spared …………….

    in children’s stories are all based on the magic And violence