New playlist: What does the future look like?

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TED playlists are collections of talks around a topic, built for you in a thoughtful sequence to illuminate ideas in context. This weekend, a new playlist is available: What does the future look like?

It’s the question none of us is sure how to answer: What will the world look like in 20 years? And in a hundred years, will our lives be recognizable? Is the future going to be so bright we gotta wear shades, or will we descend into dystopia? In this selection of talks, hear 11 visions for the future — on everything from cars to the Internet to the human species.

Watch this playlist, which includes talks by Juan Enriquez, Nicholas Negroponte and Danny Hillis.»

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  • seyma . commented on Jan 21 2014

    You asked;
    Will our lives will be recognizable?
    I think that this question gives us the main idea of future. Because years pass and there are more and more people, more popullation in the World. It’s not nice to say it but, if there is a lot of something, it will get unvaluable so as there are more millions of people, it will be harder to recognise or give attention to people, as there are millions more of them. Plus, will there be enough jobs or worse; will there be enough water and food for people to live? I don’t know if I’m acting too pessimistic, but I think that the future doesn’t look ”that” bright.

  • Razvan Si Lidia Mihalcea commented on Mar 13 2013

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  • nick dimaggio commented on Mar 11 2013

    The Future is now !

  • john jerry commented on Mar 10 2013

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