In short: Dragonflies that amaze, the secret of your unique breathprint

Posted by: Thu-Huong Ha

Some staff picks of smart, funny, bizarre and cool stuff on the interwebs this week:

First: Dragonflies are beautiful, deadly and have weird sex. [NY Times] While you’re at it, check out our playlist Insects are awesome!, above.

The clap-o-meter was yesterday’s Big Data. [The Atlantic]

Dimitar Sasselov: How we found hundreds of potential Earth-like planetsDimitar Sasselov: How we found hundreds of potential Earth-like planets Scientists now estimate the number of Earth-like, habitable planets in the Galaxy to be around 100 billion. [Sci tech daily] Watch Dimitar Sasselov’s talk from 2010 on his own work with Kepler to look for these kinds of planets.

We all have unique fingerprints and genomes — and breathprints? [New Scientist]

What does linguist Ben Zimmer read? A question you never thought you’d ask, yet you’re glad you found the answer. [The Atlantic]

Weird but fascinating article on how breeding pigeons in New York City is becoming a representation of the American melting pot/tossed salad. [NY Times]

Willard Wigan: Hold your breath for micro-sculptureWillard Wigan: Hold your breath for micro-sculpture
Tiny, tiny, tiny gorgeous paintings of Istanbul by Hasan Kale. [Huffington Post] They remind me of Willard Wigan’s awesome micro sculptures.

Neat. Fourteen words that are their own opposites. [Mental Floss]

Whole Foods announces a new partnership with Gotham Greens, co-founded by TED Fellow Viraj Puri, to build a greenhouse on the roof of its forthcoming location in Gowanus, Brooklyn. [Grocery Headquarters]

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  • steve king commented on Apr 14 2013

    louis schwartzberg keeps referencing “nature” does this and that, but it was GOD who designed the DNA for everything on our planet. lets do the math on a simple protein fold. there is one and only one correct fold for a protein to do its job, yet there are more than a duodecillion (10^39) that are incorrect folds. consider just a few thousand proteins that must fold correctly to create the symphony of life for our minds and body to function properly, nature cannot do that… we were designed by GOD, not nature. no random process can do that, and nature is a random process.