A video that will give you hope in the next generation

Posted by: Kate Torgovnick May

Walt Cochran, a teacher in Kansas City, shared this touching video with us for Education Week about his children — one disabled, one not — who make you think about the depth of the sibling relationship. Lindsay, 10, suffers from a form of Muscular Dystrophy called Spinal Muscular Atrophy and has been in a wheelchair since she was 2 years old. Meanwhile her older brother Trent, 12, sees his role as not just protective older brother, but as an ambassador to remind others that kids with disabilities can do anything they put their mind to with the help of technology and support of loving relationships. Really, we dare you not to shed a tear while watching this.

This video feels especially relevant today given a comment we noticed on John Legend’s performance of “True Colors,” from Caroline Playle, who gave a talk at TEDxKingsCollege. She writes, “This just made me cry. My 5 year old son has Down’s Syndrome and attends a mainstream school. The teachers and assistants have been amazing and he has lots of friends. Little people see a person — not a syndrome — and really do see my son’s true colours and strengths shining through. I hope through inclusion, both at school and within communities, we can breed a new generation of acceptance.”

Watch Legend’s performance below:

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  • direksiyon dersi commented on Sep 5 2013

    my daughter has got down syndrome. she attends the privete school in istanbul. I am grateful of teachers and specialists of the school

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    Greatly inspired by this video. Disability is not inability. Everybody when given the same opportunity will have a course to change the world. We will be amaze by the significant contributions people with special needs would contribute to the world. Unconditional love must be the reason behind every thing we do.

  • Alexander Swallow commented on May 11 2013

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    What lovely children.

  • Jonathan Clifford commented on May 9 2013

    Amazing how technology helps people in so many ways. It really makes you think on what we will achieve next.

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    Uma linda história de vida. Tocante e inspiradora. Não sei explicar o quanto isso é lindo.

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    So beautiful!I can’t explain how much I’m happy seeing this.

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    Trenton and Lindsay Cochran on caring and muscular dystrophy

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    so cute

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    ::wipes tears away::

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    Nice! :)