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New playlist: Plantastic!

Posted by: Tedstaff

Anyone who lives in a major city, where pollen-thick summer air seems incompatible with the dearth of trees, it can be easy to forget the fact that plants make the world go round. Here to remind you is a playlist of 10 TED Talks on the majesty and awesomeness of plants. Hear from not one but two rebel gardeners, as well as vegetarians, designers and conservationists.

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TED playlists are collections of talks around a topic, built to illuminate ideas in context. A new playlist is added every week. We hope you enjoy this installment.

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  • Michelle D'Andrade commented on Jun 2 2013

    As an educator I am always concerned about the quality and choices of food I see some of my students from consume. Although I am aware of the endless possibilities that might influence their food choices, I cannot help but wonder how a change in diet might impact their lives. More importantly, how might it impact their educational performance and over health? Changing the way we eat requires an overall change in the structures of our lives. It requires the need to understand how what we put in our bodies impacts the lives we will have and ultimately how well our bodies function. If Ron Finley can accomplish such great work in the inner city with limited resources, so can each and every once of us. One plant at a time!

  • commented on Jun 2 2013

    Thank you for posting this I LOVE TED talks in relation to food and how it can change the world around us. Plants heal and we all should eat more plants!