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Envision the world in 11 dimensions: A TED-Ed lesson to blow your 3D mind

Posted by: Morton Bast

In our three-dimensional world, all we can experience is length, width and height. Unless one of your friends is a hypercube, it’s hard to imagine just what it would look like to live beyond the 3D. Would you like it? Would you understand it? Would you even believe it was real?

In this spunky TED-Ed lesson, Alex Rosenthal and George Zaidan lead us into a mathematical playland and test the very limits of our imagination. Inspired by Edwin Abbott’s 1884 novella Flatland, they offer one way to conceive of a fourth, fifth or 11th dimension, and challenge us to open our eyes to a world outside what we’re built to perceive.

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  • paul Piculell commented on Feb 15 2014

    Two things come to mind:

    1)Does it only go up to 4d and no farther because that’s where, the only really pure, 6th Platonic solid is (the 24 cell)?

    2)How much confusion is caused by spacetime (Minkowski space) also using 4d tensors but not really referring to 4d Euclidean space?

  • Kaitlin Puccio commented on Jul 27 2013

    I just finished reading Flatland…I highly recommend it if this video sparked your curiosity! The book really adds another dimension to this fun video summary.

  • Jacqueline Rusca commented on Jul 25 2013

    More I want more !

  • commented on Jul 20 2013

    This post only just gingered my interest like a dangling carrot in front of a donkey. The gratification that should come is truncated. Almost an insult.

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  • Raymond Blais commented on Jul 19 2013

    You say there is one
    No way there be one
    If only one
    This way nothing comes
    Nothing at all
    Could you say you saw

    You then say two
    From whose point of view?
    Up, down and to the sides
    But nothing behind
    Could you ever find
    Nothing more could be explored

    Now it is three that you see
    Joining us you can now be
    Sides and up and all around
    Dimensions three you have found
    This is something we can believe
    Something solid, something real

    But now you say more there be
    Please explain this leap from three
    What we call time but cannot see
    Finding its place as a dimension
    And that’s not all we can’t imagine
    You say now time plus seven

    Eleven dimensions you now believe
    Discovering nature’s hidden strings
    Playing a melody our ears don’t hear
    Our eyes don’t see and we can’t touch
    It’s just a theory we’re not seeing
    Something beyond our normal being

  • commented on Jul 19 2013

    Mind Blowing!
    Now I have to re-read “A Wrinkle in Time,” by Madeline L’Engle, “When you Reach Me by Rebecca Stead, and “The Boy Who Reversed Himself” by William Sleator.

  • Arcel Maendeleo commented on Jul 19 2013

  • commented on Jul 19 2013

    My little spherical mind is officially blown!

  • commented on Jul 19 2013

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  • commented on Jul 18 2013

    How on earth was this not censored? Seems the materialists don’t give a crap about dimensions…I’m disappointed, there just simply isn’t enough bias in the world.

  • Jose Fernandez Calvo commented on Jul 18 2013

    It did blow mi little spherical mind! Loved it!!

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