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Alex Gallafent is a contributing correspondent for the BBC and Public Radio International's The World, and a freelance experience designer, including with the New York-based consultancy, ESI Design. His radio career began with BBC Radio in London where he produced flagship arts programs Front Row and Night Waves; Outlook, for the BBC World Service; and the globe-spanning music show, Late Junction. Since then, Alex has reported from locations around the world, including Swaziland, South Africa, the Brazilian Amazon, Turkey, Chile, and the UAE. After studying analytic philosophy at Oxford, Alex trained in classical acting at LAMDA in London. He's performed Shakespeare in venues including the Old Vic and the Tokyo Globe, and improv & sketch comedy at Edinburgh's Gilded Balloon, The PIT in New York and elsewhere. He's also a composer and sound designer for theater with various credits in London's West End and the UK.

Stories by Alex Gallafent:


Dhaka in pictures: a city of culture, opportunity and deprivationDhaka in pictures: a city of culture, opportunity and deprivation

Posted By Alex Gallafent

Nurur Rahman Khan was born and bred in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A practicing architect and university lecturer, Khan alternately marvels at the city’s convivial culture and bemoans its economic and structural deficiencies. He’ll brook no debate over the quality of Dhaka’s food, though: It’s miraculously good. Here’s a taste of Khan’s Dhaka, photographed by Mohammad Tauheed, a […]

Global Issues

Further reading on China’s investment in Africa … and what it meansFurther reading on China’s investment in Africa … and what it means

Posted By Alex Gallafent

In today’s talk, Zambian-born economist Dambisa Moyo describes how China’s growing presence in Africa is challenging a centuries-old tenet of Western political thought.   For more than 200 years, Moyo argues, liberal democracy has ruled the roost. Particularly in the West, it’s long been considered the political system most likely to deliver economic success and […]


My City: Why Shanghai is the ultimate hackerspaceMy City: Why Shanghai is the ultimate hackerspace

Posted By Alex Gallafent

In 2005, at the start of my first visit to Shanghai, the city clothed itself in a growling thunderstorm. When dusk fell and neon began to score the sky, the city was more Blade Runner-y than I thought a real place possible to be. I remember diving into a luxe spa for a post-train massage, […]


Shanghai in pictures: entrepreneur David Li on the city as hackerspaceShanghai in pictures: entrepreneur David Li on the city as hackerspace

Posted By Alex Gallafent

David Li has lived in Shanghai since 2003, when the Taiwan-born consultant and entrepreneur moved to the city to take advantage of a place in which he felt like “everything was possible.” A decade later, he’s still relishing all that the city has to offer, from vast cultural spaces to XinCheJian, the small community hackerspace he […]