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Rock out to WikipediaRock out to Wikipedia

Posted By Elizabeth Jacobs

In the spirit of today’s euphonious talk from Beardyman, and our companion piece of the weirdest sounds to grace the TED stage, celebrate all-things-music with this incredible audiation of Wikipedia. The world’s largest crowd-sourced encyclopedia got a little more melodious this week, when Stephen LaPorte and Mahmoud Hashemi of Hatnote turned the cacophony of information […]


The 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stageThe 10 strangest sounds heard on the TED stage

Posted By Becky Chung

What is possible with the human voice? Beardyman asks in today’s talk. He demonstrates with at least fifty manipulations of his voice – from a dog barking to the two-tone singing of a monk. “I was always trying to extend my repertoire of noises to be the very maximum it can be,” he says. On his quest to […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

TEDGlobal 2013, visually scribedTEDGlobal 2013, visually scribed

Posted By Bgiussani

Installed in the middle of the social spaces during TEDGlobal 2013 two weeks ago, three visual scribes kept busy throughout the conference drawing, capturing and sometimes deconstructing the content of every talk on giant whiteboards. David Christie, Fernanda de Uriarte and Tom Oswald, of the London firm Innovation Arts, turned the ideas expressed by the speakers on […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

In case you missed it: Some highlights of day 4 of TEDGlobal 2013: Think AgainIn case you missed it: Some highlights of day 4 of TEDGlobal 2013: Think Again

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

It’s the last day of TEDGlobal 2013, which means goodbyes and premature reminiscing. Onward: In session 11, “Tech Impact,” we heard about the dangers and delights of our accelerated technological age. We’re doomed! No we’re not! Yes we are! And in session 12, “All Together Now,” we held mental hands and were reminded that, in […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

Matters of the heart: RuthAnne at TEDGlobal 2013Matters of the heart: RuthAnne at TEDGlobal 2013

Posted By Becky Chung

As this amazing week of TEDGlobal 2013 winds to a close with Session 8: Altogether Now, the audience is still reeling from a shocking talk on the mighty roots of corruption by Charmian Gooch, founder of Global Witness. What better to help soothe the soul than the rich and sultry voice of Irish-born pop singer-songwriter […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

Uncovering corruption: Charmian Gooch at TEDGlobal 2013Uncovering corruption: Charmian Gooch at TEDGlobal 2013

Posted By Karen Eng

When we talk about corruption, certain types of individuals come to mind, says Charmian Gooch, co-founder of watchdog NGO Global Witness. She gives some familiar examples of the type. There’s the (former) Soviet megalomaniac — such as Saparmurat Niyazov, the all-powerful leader of Turkmenistan, whose indulgences included erecting a 40-foot-high gold-plated statue of himself that […]

Live from TEDGlobal 2013

Got social problems? Business can help: Michael Porter at TEDGlobal 2013Got social problems? Business can help: Michael Porter at TEDGlobal 2013

Posted By Helen Walters

Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter is here to make the case that business can help tackle social problems. Issues such as healthcare, access to water and climate change are bread-and-butter concerns for TEDsters in the room, who clearly agree with his early statement that we’re all very aware that these problems exist. Many of them also […]