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Exploring Possibilities at the TEDSalon in LondonExploring Possibilities at the TEDSalon in London

Posted By Tedstaff

Polar explorer Ben Saunders took the stage at the TEDSalon in London on November 7 to ask the question: “If everything is being done somewhere by someone and we can participate virtually, then why bother leaving the house?” A journalist had posed this question to him weeks earlier. He addressed it onstage through both his […]


Are orphanages a necessary evil, or is there a better way?Are orphanages a necessary evil, or is there a better way?

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

More than 8 million children live in orphanages worldwide. But as Georgette Mulheir shares in today’s brave talk, given at TEDSalon London Spring 2012, an estimated 90% of them are not true orphans. These children are sent to orphanages because a single parent is not adequately able to care for them, because of rampant poverty […]


Travels in Space, Time & Imagination at the TEDSalon in London

Posted By Bgiussani

“Travels in Space, Time & Imagination” was the theme of the fifth TEDSalon in London, which took place on Thursday 10 November and played to a packed house. “Journeys can be of many sorts,” TED European director, and the evening’s host, Bruno Giussani said, opening the Salon. And indeed the program was eclectic, featuring nine […]