Demo: Where to get Pivot

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Comments (3)

  • Roque Mocan commented on Apr 11 2010

    It is NOT only Macs. It doesn’t run in my Netbook that lacks a graphics card. But the control (building block) for Silverlight (programming platform) will be available for the summer of 2010. I suspect THIS version will be Mac Compatible (Silverlight runs on the Macs). I am eagerly awaiting it, to program web sites with it.

    Meanwhile, if You have downloaded Pivot on a capable machine, You can see the “collection” (set of data) I made just to get to know the process – it isn’t that hard – here:
    Fire the Pivot application and in the address bar type:
    The process to create these collections is just filling an Excel spreadsheet with a Macro (unless you want to delve into XML programming). It wasn’t that hard! Just do it!

  • b r commented on Mar 17 2010

    Windows Only? Gary should have licensed or patented the software on his own! He could have had mac users, open source and windows!

  • Albert Surjik commented on Mar 3 2010

    Ah… Windows only. Bummer. Makes sense I guess… I wonder when someone will come up with an open source version?