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Ads Worth Spreading: Oh, it’s on!

Posted By Shanna Carpenter

For the fourth year, TED is searching for the 10 most innovative, idea-driven ads of the year, with the help of TED speakers like Sarah Kay and Charlie Todd, as well as some of the advertising world’s biggest stars. Today, TED AdsWorth Spreading reveals the 20 Advocates and 5 Nomination Teams who will help find and nominate […]


What can you learn from 10 Ads Worth Spreading? Read our whitepaper

Posted By Tedstaff

Each year, TED chooses 10 great ads to feature as part of our Ads Worth Spreading challenge. And this week, we’re featuring a whitepaper (PDF) that analyzes what makes some of those great ads great. The Ads Worth Spreading whitepaper chronicles the story behind this year’s 10 winning ads from their creative directors, and offers […]


Tearjerker Ads Worth Spreading winner earns adoption rights for same-sex coupleTearjerker Ads Worth Spreading winner earns adoption rights for same-sex couple

Posted By Kate Welsh

Expedia’s remarkably moving short film, “Find Your Understanding,” tells the true story of man named Artie Goldstein and his journey to accept his daughter Jill Goldstein’s marriage to another woman, Nikki Weiss. As the world waits for the Supreme Court decision on the Defense Against Marriage Act, millions have viewed this socially-conscious ad online. But […]


Ronda Carnegie talks Ads Worth Spreading, and why advertising is far from dead

Posted By Tedstaff

Advertising doesn’t have to be about convincing you to buy things. Great ads, just like great movies, can inspire thought. That’s why TED created Ads Worth Spreading, an initiative dedicated to advertisements that push the boundaries, from Chipotle’s stunning “Back to the Start” commercial to L’Oreal Paris’ spot starring model and athlete Aimee Mullins. As […]