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TED Talks with novel ways of thinking about epidemicsTED Talks with novel ways of thinking about epidemics

Posted By Kate Torgovnick May

As a physician and epidemiologist, Gary Slutkin didn’t think he had much to contribute to the conversation about gun violence in America. But then he began to realize something — that outbreaks of violence follow the same patterns as outbreaks of tuberculosis, cholera and AIDS, all of which he’d worked on reversing during a decade in […]

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The past and future of malaria: A Q&A with Sonia ShahThe past and future of malaria: A Q&A with Sonia Shah

Posted By Thu-Huong Ha

Hundreds of thousands of people die from malaria every year. So why is it still around? In today’s talk, journalist Sonia Shah takes a look at the history of malaria and outlines some of the major challenges facing the end of one of the world’s deadliest diseases. It’s not simply that we need to improve […]

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Andrew Mwenda on progress in AfricaAndrew Mwenda on progress in Africa

Posted By Helen Walters

In 2007, journalist Andrew Mwenda took the stage at TEDGlobal in Arusha, Tanzania, and decried the symptomatic disease affecting his home continent: aid. The surprising take certainly got the goat of some members of the audience, including U2 frontman Bono, who has devoted so much time to promoting the need for African aid and who […]